Parents: Do You Leave Your Child In The Dark?

Are Your Children The #1 Priority In Life?

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Raise Your Child For Success

Answer this question honestly; Are your children the number one priority in your life? Do you put your career before your family? Do you spend more time with your friends than your children?

If you answered no to the first question, you should carefully reconsider your priorities in life. The most important parenting skill to master is putting your child first; ALWAYS!

I know many parents around my age of 25-35 that recently had their firstborn child. At first, they can not leave their baby out of sight. As parents get use to the idea of being a parent, they find themselves getting frustrated with the idea of getting less sleep, changing diapers and having little or no social life. While this is a common frustration, your child depends on you. They depend on your love and they crave your attention!

At this point of frustration, some of my acquaintances decide that having a good time is more important than raising their child. On the weekends, they party all night. They hire babysitters, family and friends to watch their child. They even spend their money on frivolous things instead of buying new clothes and games that help them grow mentally and socially. For instance, I have a friend that has no problem spending $30-50 on alcohol every weekend, but they complain that they cannot afford to buy their child new clothes. Oh well, I guess it is acceptable for their child to look like they are homeless.

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Mom and Dad having a good time

Parents: Stop Acting Like A Child

As parents, we all had our shot at childhood and as a teenager. We had our chance to play in the mud and to dance until 3 a.m. However, once we grow maturely and become a parent, our number one priority is raising our child. It does not matter if we have regrets of missed opportunities to “party like a rock star”. If you want to raise your child for success, you better stop acting like a child.

Your Goals As A Parent

Every parents goal should be to make your child’s life better than yours was. That could mean becoming better listeners, participating more in their life and helping them find their passion in life. Trust me, the more effort you put into motivating your child to succeed, the easier it will be for you as a parent when they become a teenager. As you may already know, children will study their parents actions and behaviors. They will often use you as a model of how to behave in society. If your child does not see you as a role model, you are leaving your child in the dark.

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Your Child's Hero?

If you were to ask your son or daughter of who their real life hero was, what would their answer be? If they respond with Lebron James or Peyton Manning, you should take offense to that. While it is completely normal for a child to idealize athletes, your child should also look up to YOU (MOM and DAD). Not to mention, athletes do not usually make good role models.

What Your Child Needs

Many moms and dads have to work part-time or full-time jobs to pay the bills. However, if you both are working, who is really raising your child? Your teachers or maybe even your babysitter? If this example sounds familiar to you, you should consider altering your work schedule so that you can be there to make sure your child always has what they need. It might be worth sacrificing some of your earnings to raise your child. Take a look at your budget! Is there any wasteful expenses such as HD cable or high tech phones? If so, get rid of those items to save money. While you may feel it is necessary to work long hours to buy things for your child, a child needs your attention and support even more.

advice for childrenGrowing up can be difficult. They need a good role model that they can ask for advice when needed. If you are not there to answer their questions, who will be? If you choose a path that limits your quality time that you can spend with your child, you could be leaving them in the dark. Don’t leave it up to your child to find the light. Make it your number one priority to show your child the pathway to happiness and success!


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