Obama Pushes An Education Reform With More Funding

obama education reform 2011
Winning the Future

Obama’s Push For Education Reform In 2011


Currently, President Obama is encouraging America to improve the education system. Does this mean that Obama was listening to the Black Eyed Peas message at the Super Bowl?

We may never know the true answer, but that is not important. However, the important fact is that the Obama administration is tossing around the idea of increasing education spending to help schools that are consistently failing to educate their students. Obama was quoted saying “There’s nothing responsible about cutting back on investments in these young people.”

That might be the most intelligent words that have come out of his mouth. After all, it won’t take much analytical research to discover that the education system in America lags behind other countries. The blame can be pointed at everyone. From poor parenting, teachers, administrations, lack of funding and of course; the students.

Some wealthy and middle class parents are guilty of focusing more on their career and fail to notice that their children are not taking advantage of their education. Families in low income areas are essentially “stuck” in their neighborhoods and fear to send their child to school.  Homeless children are forced to focus solely on surviving through the night. All these circumstances make it extremely difficult to learn the basics of life.

homeless children in america
Homeless Child: Never Had A Chance

rundown schools U.Seducation system funding 2011





 Lately, Obama has been making public appearances discussing the current education system in America. Standing in front of a blue banner that reads “Winning the Future”, Obama is calling for an increase in funding for education. He argues that the United States needs a better-educated workforce to ensure it remains economically competitive. I hate to sound sarcastic, but “Duh”. Even blondes could figure that out! (No offense blondes, I just like to tease you)

Obama is proposing a grant program that would give funding to companies that have the best ideas for using computer software and other technology innovations. The administration is also attempting to rewrite the “No Child Left Behind” law by the end of 2011 and increase the funding for education in the 2012 budget. Due to the struggling economy, congress has shown no indication of supporting this increase of spending on education.

The No Child Left Behind law was passed in 2002 with good intention. However, the education system has seen little or no improvement. Obama said “We’re going to replace it with a law that does a better job focusing on responsibility, reform and results”. I totally agree with Obama on this one, but I would like to see this put into action!

I believe America needs to focus on technology more in school. Our future will depend more and more on technology. We need to educate children on how to maximize the true potential of technology. It will be very interesting to see how congress handles this proposal. If this education reform passes, will our children be able to benefit from it? Only time will tell. What do you think? Share your thoughts by commenting below!


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