Swim Lessons Can Prevent Drowning In Backyard pools

portable swimming pool    A recent (6/20/2011) article from msnbc.com claims “Portable pools claim a child’s life every 5 days” This article is a great wake up call for all parents and care givers. The before mentioned article has a lot of great information on prevention such as parent supervision, life jackets, blocking the ladder etc. And also gives valuable information on how CPR may help in a near drowning event.

I was a little disappointed in this article’s vagueness and lack  of other information about preventative measures, particularly that of swimming lessons and their role in prevention. Yes you should watch your kids. Yes you should block the ladder when you aren’t available to provide supervision. One of the biggest and most effective preventative measures to ensure your child has a greater chance of not drowning is to teach them how to swim! Here is a nice article from the Los Angeles Times that tells us a child that knows how to swim is up to 85% less likely to drown. This article is over 2 years old and children are still drowning at the rate of 1 every 5 days on average for warm months. This tells me we are not teaching our children to swim early enough. Or people just forget.

For your reference I will be posting links for you to find and compare swim lessons as well as find a CPR class. Click here to find swim lessons in your area, you can modify the search by adding your local town, village, city, township etc. eg: swimming lessons Toledo. Another thing the other article left out was how to learn CPR. You can click here to find child and infant CPR classes, in the case that you encounter a child drowning- You will know what to do.

You can help underprivileged children in your area by donating a car.


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