Help Your Child or Teen Avoid Facebook Depression

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Facebook & Social Media Causes Depression In Teenagers?

Facebook depression

Facebook Depression

Parents deserve more respect. Raising a teenager can be so difficult. Teenagers go through so many changes. They face many challenges such as physical, social and mental changes. It can be hard for some teenagers to avoid temptation and to keep their self confidence in check. It can be equally as difficult for parents to let their son or daughter go through the changes.

twitter cause depression

Twitter Causes Depression

High school can make or break the maturity process of a teenager. Teenagers learn new talents and learn what their strengths and weaknesses are. If you were like me, you just find ways to survive through the awkward years and tell yourself that college life will be better. (That is the truth) There are others that struggle  to fit in and feel as though they are worthless. Offensive remarks and peer pressure can cause some teenagers to go through periods of depression. Some teenagers find ways to beat their depression, while others are  never able to escape the demons of depression. Parents be aware, a new source of depression is emerging and it might come from a unlikely source; Facebook!

Facebook Depression

online bullying

Online Bullying

According to Facebook, there are over 500 million active users with 50% of active users logging on every day. The average user has 130 friends! Facebook allows anyone to find old friends, post pictures, tell people what you are doing and network with people in your field. As with many things in life, people find ways to abuse the social media networks by stalking others, bullying others online and hacking personal accounts to obtain personal information. I am going to focus on the negative impact Facebook is having on teenagers.

As parents, you may be skeptical of the fact that Facebook and other social media sites are causing some teens to become depressed, but it is the truth. As the Today show recently reported, some Facebook users are becoming depressed after spending time viewing other friends Facebook pages.

One of the main benefits of social media is the fact that we can openly share information to people across the world. However, some teenagers view pages of their friends and begin to feel inadequate. Perhaps, many of their classmates deny friend requests. Others may even bully others online. Some may be jealous of their friends that post messages on Facebook. One of the biggest attention getters on Facebook is the relationship status application. Whenever someone posts a relationship update, such as single or in a relationship, it can cause quite a stir. At times, some teens may be jealous as they observe that most of their friends have a significant other.

As the video on Facebook depression shows, teenagers can feel depressed when they login to discover that many of their friends on Facebook do not care. Facebook can even cause some teens to isolate themselves. The online community leaves users easily susceptible to online bullying and this problem will not go away.

What Can Parents Do To Help Their Child Avoid “Facebook Depression”?

Try to limit the amount of time your child or teenager spends on Facebook or Twitter. Pay attention to sudden mood changes. Visit their Facebook page and read what their friends are posting on their wall. First and foremost, make sure your child understands that everything they post on their wall and photo album can be viewed by all their friends. The emerging social media network is a great thing for society to stay updated with friends and family. However, the side affect is that users are not afraid to voice their opinion online about other people. Teenagers that already have social anxieties may easily fall into depression after using Facebook. If you already know your child has low self-confidence, it would be a great idea to monitor your teen’s Facebook usage. Good luck parents!

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  1. Quite disconcerting this is. I have a teen daughter and as you say, I keep monitoring her mood change. Fortunately, she is focused on her technical degree. But take your word, I’ll watch out/ Thanks for sharing.

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