Educating Children In America: Who’s To Blame

disciplining children

nunsHey baby boomers. That’s right, I am talking to you. What do these two pictures on the left mean to you?

Captain obvious might tell you it is a nun and an eraser. However, it should bring up some other memories for some of us. Does this picture below help you remember?

discipline children in school

As a 28 year old, I can only answer this question based on the stories I have heard from my parents and grandparents. Back in the old days, what would a teacher or nun do to a child that is misbehaving? They would throw an eraser at them or use a ruler to knock some sense into the child. If a teacher tried that in 2011, they would be sued or even be put in jail. Is the education system too soft on children today?

The Blame Game & The Education System

I have lived in Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan my entire life. We have one of the worst education systems in the United States. Far too many students are dropping out from high school due to poor grades, poor attitudes and pregnancies’. This is from the inability to apply the proper discipline to students. This is because of various lawsuits against teachers who are merely doing their job.

Teachers are there to educate and motivate their students. Letting a student disrespect or misbehave in class continuously doesn’t help them become successful adults. Let’s face it, a verbal warning will not always get the attention of a student to get their head on straight. Sometimes a good (not forceful) knock on the head will help a child or teenager see the light.

When a student continuously misbehaves and no improvement is made, most schools suspend or even expel the student. What good does this do? It just sets up the individual for failure. Society basically pushes the child aside and it becomes someone else’s problem.

disicipline-teenagersFar too many students are being pushed through the education system without any guidance from their parents. For instance, Toledo Public Schools have spent millions of dollars on building new schools. However, it does not mean a thing if the students are showing up to class with pants that are down to their knees. Have they heard of a belt?(Seriously). Adolescents have no chance at finding success unless they have someone at home that shows them the right way to dress and behave.

Everyone loves to be a rebel. We like to follow or start trends. It could be a tattoo or a new design of clothing. One of the greatest gifts that God gave us is the fact that all of us are different. We like to express ourselves in different ways. There is nothing wrong with being different, but teenagers need to understand that in the professional adult world a line must be drawn. A line that demands professionalism and respect for others.

Teachers can only do so much. Many parents put so much blame on everyone else and never seem to realize that it is their child that is misbehaving, not the schools. It is the parents job to help their child find the right pathway to find success. Not the school.

teachers hitting studentsUnfortunately, some of the best teachers in America can not take matters in the own hands. Today, a teacher might be sued for giving constructive feedback! Grow up America. Adulthood can be hard at times. Teenagers need to be ready for life as a mature adult. Parents, just because you are busy with your career does not mean you can expect teachers to raise your child. America has one of the worst education systems in the world. America, it is time for you to understand that it is not the governments fault. It is not the teachers fault. It is solely resting on the shoulders of parents. Teachers can not follow all their students home to help them study or finish homework. As parents, it is our job to follow up with our child to make sure they are doing all the right things!

teenagers in schoolPlease remember your life as a child and a teenager. It can be a rough time. So many changes are going on at once. We begin to be attracted to the opposite sex, struggle through awkward puberty stages and try to find a common ground. It is very easy to be tempted into doing drugs, having sex and forgetting about school.

I know from experience, if my parents were not there to help me get through the rough times, I would not be the person I am today. It might seem like 90 percent of the time your child is not listening to you. However, that 10% could help them make the right decision.

Parents are not obligated to be like a friend to their child. They are a person that is suppose to show the right way to live. I had my troubles as a teenager. If my parents did not give me a harsh sense of reality from time to time, I would have been blind sided by what we call “Life”.

America, stop blaming others for not being able to help your child! Every child has the potential to be a doctor or engineer. If you cannot show your child how to succeed in life, your child will survive off of welfare for the rest of their life. With the current state of our economy, social security and welfare benefits are nothing I would ever think of relying on!

Teachers share information about history, math, science and English. They do their best to help children understand the information. As parents, it is our job to make sure our children are taking their life seriously. No one else will take them seriously, if they do not take success seriously. No matter what background you have, every child has the potential to be a doctor or engineer. It just takes a little discipline. However, it does not mean you can rely on teachers and the education system to raise your child. Americans, stop being chicken and show your kids the pathway to success.

Let teachers do their job and give them the ability to discipline their students when it is necessary. This doesn’t mean teachers should be able to punch a student. It means teachers should be allowed to apply some discipline. If parents never discipline their child for bad behavior, who will? The longer we allow parents to control the education system, the longer tax payers are going to be forced to pay for negligent parents who put their life as the number one priority. As parents, your child should always be the number one priority in life.

I want to hear some success stories. Parents, if you have an inspiring story to share based on the experience you had as a parent, feel free to comment about it. It might change someones life!

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