How to Help Homeless Children Feel The Christmas Spirit in 2010

santa claus 2010

What Christmas means to Kidshomeless children

Source: Car Donations for Kids Date: December 4th, 2010

If you could, would you relive your childhood? Do you remember what Christmas meant to you? To most children, Christmas is the most important day of their lives. Millions of children across the world imagine what Santa is going to give them for Christmas. They strain their minds to determine the logistics of Santa visiting every house across the world in one night. This process taught children to just have faith. Sometimes life asks us to have faith in God and others. Without faith, society would be full of paranoia. The concept of Christmas and Santa is brilliant. It teaches our youth that life will reward you for being a responsible person. Children need to follow the rules of life correctly and the rewards will come. This ideal helps children grow into adults that understand that hard work gets you pay increases and a rewarding life.

What is Faith?

Faith can be defined as trusting others and realizing that life will turn out to be ok. Many aspects of our daily life are out of our control and we must believe that everything will work itself out. Our faith is tested everyday. We have faith that the drivers on the road drive responsibly and that our child’s teachers help them learn to be outstanding citizens. At times, life can disappoint us, but that is where faith comes in. It gives us hope to continue to strive to reach our daily goals. Faith makes us believe that our peers will help us reach happiness. That is the true message of God. Help others and they will help you!

cars for kidsHomeless Children: The True Testament of Faith

According to the Coalition of the Homeless, 1.5 million children are homeless in America. Nothing will test your faith more than being homeless. Thousands of children die each year from being homeless. Children are forced to sleep in temperatures of -10 degrees. Children have died from the flu that could have been easily treated. Unfortunately, their parents can not always help their children. Shelters are sometimes full and they have no where else to go. Some shelters have been forced to close due to a lack of funding from donations.

Far too many children are never given the chance to experience the true joys that Christmas can bring. They never are able to feel the nervous excitement of waiting for Santa to drop off presents. How can homeless children have faith when they have nothing but sadness surround them?

How You Can Help Children In Need This Christmas

You can help kids of all ages experience the true joy of Christmas by donating your car. Many Americans have cars that are just sitting in their driveway and are being wasted. Why not give your car to someone who could actually use it? Even though you may not value your car anymore, someone else will. All car donations are tax deductible and the proceeds go directly to charities that will help put a smile on the face of many children this Christmas. With the hectic schedule of the Christmas season, donating your car will save you time so you can spend more time with your own family. Give children that are less fortunate a sign of hope this Christmas. It doesn’t take much of your time to change the life of children across the country.

meaning of christmas to kidsHappy holidays to all!meaning of christmas to kidsmeaning of christmas to kids

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Supporting the ongoing effort to make sure children everywhere have the chance to enjoy the most precious and innocent time of their lives, their childhood. We are committed to supporting children's hospitals, mentoring and educational programs, and funding various outreach initiatives that meet the needs of children in our communities. With the help of your vehicle donation, we will be able to make sure the children of today will be able to enjoy tomorrow.
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