Helping Kids Finding the Path to Success

car donations for kidsHelping Children In Need Succeed

Let’s rewind for a moment and think back to our childhood. Let’s focus on our experiences from grade school. What comes to you mind first? I remember many things. I remember when I first discovered that the saying “girls have cuties” was a myth. I remember having to deal with the bullies in a productive manner. Maybe you remember the pictures on your locker or getting yelled at by your teacher for talking too much. These times can shape a child’s outlook for the rest of their life. Imagine if you did not have any books to read and no paper to write on? It would be very hard to learn how to read. How could you succeed in life when you never learn how to read or how to add whole numbers?

Please read the following poem.

The sun did not shine. It was too wet to play.
So we sat in the house all that cold, cold, wet day.
I sat there with Sally. We sat there, we two.
And I said, “How I wish we had something to do!”
-from The Cat in the Hatby Dr. Seuss –

38% of all fourth graders in the U.S can not read this simple poem. This is often the result of a poor education system. Despite being one of the wealthiest countries in the world, the education system in America is considered inefficient. Some areas such as Detroit, Michigan can’t even afford to buy books for their students. With no support, children grow up never getting the attention they deserve. We are setting up children for failure.

Parents to Blame for Kids?:

It would be easy to just point the blame on the parents. However, they were not given the opportunity to succeed either. There also have been many poor decisions made by many political leaders that have wasted resources. However, with a little support, people just like you and me can help them succeed by teaching some of the basic principles of life. Book donations, car donations and furniture donations are always appreciated to help fund education programs, however, sharing your knowledge is just as valuable.

Children in Need in the Future:

In the year 2010, many children still do not have a light to help them read at night and do not have the luxury to research the internet to learn. Imagine what would happen to children ten years from now as the education system relies on laptops to aid the education process. Many schools are implementing the use of computers to do research projects. This will make it even more important for children to understand how to use computers. If a child never has the opportunity to use a computer to write a essay they will be setup for failure as an adult. These are things that many of us take for granted. However, we cannot ignore the children of America. They will be the building block for generations to come.|Start Petition

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About cardonationsforkids

Supporting the ongoing effort to make sure children everywhere have the chance to enjoy the most precious and innocent time of their lives, their childhood. We are committed to supporting children's hospitals, mentoring and educational programs, and funding various outreach initiatives that meet the needs of children in our communities. With the help of your vehicle donation, we will be able to make sure the children of today will be able to enjoy tomorrow.
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One Response to Helping Kids Finding the Path to Success

  1. New Seed International (NSI). NSI is founded in 1996 and legally registered as a
    Children and health development focus non-governmental, non-partisan and non-profit organization under Ghana Registrars General Department company code Act 176 in the year 1998 with registration number G7563.
    Strategically, NSI has identified itself with improving the living status of the poor, socio-economically marginalized children with specifically focus
    on children infected and affected with HIV/AIDS. In the past 8 years New Seed International has dedicated 86% of its time in providing Home Based Care service for over 600 HIV/AIDS infected and affected children and their care givers in the Volta Region of Ghana.
    Currently, with financial support from Solace International, an USA based NGO, 7 unit class rooms is built to provide early childhood education for over 300 identified orphans and vulnerable children within Ho Municipality of Volta Region. Currently, New Seed International has 157 orphans and vulnerable children caring for their food, medication, cloth and shelter.
    As community based organization inadequate feeding and medication is causing most of the children malnutrition and need urgent help to save the lives of these wonderful children.
    At our educational sector we have very few teaching and learning materials a situation which is making teaching and learning very difficult I therefore wish to seek you project partnership, material and logistic support to enable us bring joy, peace and smile into the face of these children.

    I wish to inquire and humbly appeal to organizations to come to our aid in providing either the classroom furniture, teaching and learning materials to help us bring hope, joy and smile into the faces of these unfortunate and innocent children in this part of the world.

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